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Starkid Land!

Join starkid_land !

If you like StarkidPotter/Team Starkid, then you'll love Starkid Land!
is an interactive fan community where you join one of three teams: Team A Very Potter, Team MAMD, or Team Starship and compete in various challenges like art/writing contests, games and puzzles to earn points. The team with the most points at the end of the round wins!

So what are you waiting for?

Round 1 is just starting, so apply here!

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mellowmint, mellowmint, mellowmint

Hey my dear friends, I'm so proud to promote emptyyourlifes, lucky_cloudys
and my new graphics community. We finally did it! We opened one together and look forward to post our graphics, textures and photos over there. So please join and watch:

mellowmint mellowmint mellowmint mellowmint
mellowmint mellowmint mellowmint mellowmint
mellowmint mellowmint mellowmint mellowmint

I would love to see, when you would join and watch the community.
Thanks, guys.

Oh and could you do me a favor and vote over at danrad_contest?
It just takes you a minute and you haven't even to join. Here is the link to the entry. Thank you again so much. :D
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The clouds burst to show daylight

First of all, thank all of you, who commented on my last entry.
I'm really glad that I have you as friends *hugs all tightly*

So, today was a beautiful day with sunshine and blue sky, so I went outside and made some photos. I thought, I could share some of them with you. I hope you like them; most of them are close-ups (I really adore these kind of pictures) and then there are also some of my dog.

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Join, join, join, join, join, join, join, join, NOW!

I created yesterday a new graphic contest community about Daniel Radcliffe.
Sine dan_icontest isn't running anymore and I really enjoy to make icons for challenges,
I decided to make a new one. And here is it:

danrad_contest danrad_contest danrad_contest danrad_contest danrad_contest danrad_contest danrad_contest danrad_contest danrad_contest
danrad_contest danrad_contest danrad_contest danrad_contest danrad_contest

Please join. I really need members and above all a co. Mod.
I don't think I can run this community in the long run alone, so I need someone who helps me. Perhaps do you want to help, Emily (emptyyourlife)? Of course you don't have to, but I would be so glad if someone would be my Co Mod over there, who I know. So please comment and if you want, popularize the community in your journals. I would be so thankful. :D
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Australia is calling... (Pebls *shout* your graphics are finished... )

As the title of my entry already bespeaks, the graphics for pebls are finished.
I really, really hope they pleases you. With the wallpaper I'm more or less satisfied, but the icons... oh well. I don't know, but take a look by yourself, darling. :)

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And I want to thank all of you guys, who commented on my last entry.
You are so wonderful and lovely friends; you really cheered me up with your encouragements.
Thank you so so much for being there. *hugs all tightly*

I'm feeling better now and try not to think about the letter and everything that has to do with it. I'll see what I'll do with my future in the next days. Now I just need to recover, if you know what I mean.

Oh and lately "Cells" by The Servant is following me... it's quite a catchy song for me, for whatever reason. The lyrics are quite odd, but anyways I really like the melody, even if it's a little bit strange... I know, random, but perhaps you like it too...

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Come on and take your graphics...

I already finished the three requests I got yesterday and today.
By way of exception I was once more or less creative and I really hope that the graphics pleases you. When not, just say it and I'll make something different or if you just want an other text, scream for me and say what you want me to write.
Don't hesitate with that, 'cause I saved everything as .PSD :D.

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Oh and the request post isn't closed now, so wish away... :)
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Blow out the candle and make a wish

As I promised a long time ago, I'm taking right now requests.
I don't think that many people will comment, because I'm not that popular, but still, I want to fulfill the desires of some friends of mine. So spam me with pictures and topics. It could be everything; any country, city, animal, TV Show, movie, fandom, paring, actor, actress and so on. You can wish for icons, banners, wallpapers etc. Just comment and describe what you exactly want and I'll try to realize it.

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I try not to think about the distance of the setting sun

First of all, Happy Birthday, kellygirl2002!

I hope you had a great day with your family and friends.
May all your wishes come true and good luck for the new year that awaits you. :)


Then, as I in my last entry mentioned, here are some icons that I made some weeks ago.
Not really many, but I wanted to post them before I open the request post. So, take a look, if you want.


11 Daniel Radcliffe
9 Emma Watson
4 Harry Potter 3
4 Stock (London)
1 Animation in three different versions of Dan Rad (Conan O'Brien Show)

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